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    I am planning to deploy WLAN in K-12 and I do not find any article about this. This is a multi-floor building with classrooms just above and under one another. I was planning to use internal omni antennas but the vendor in its article "Types of Available Wi-F AP Antennas* and Typical Uses" recommends dipole (rubber duck) for use in classrooms. What is your experience with such designs when it comes to antenna choice and staggering etc.

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    A vertically polarized dipole is referred to as omni-directional, even though it is so only in the horizontal plane.

    Ekahau just had a webinar on multi-floor deployments on the 15th.   As of today it hasn't been added to their list of recordings, but I'm sure it will be soon.

    Their webinar page is at:

    There are several other webinars listed there which I'm pretty sure you will also find relevant to your situation..

    Floor-to-floor bleed-thru can be both a curse and a blessing - different floor designs will behave very differently.    You almost never want to stack  an AP directly above another!

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    However I do not see any past webinars on Ekahau which are dedicated to multifloor design. Are you sure this was on Ekahau ? Do you have some link to articles which can explain this topic in-side-out ?

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    Absolutely.   It is still listed in my Outlook calendar !   As I said, they just haven't posted it yet.

    They usually send out an after-the-fact email giving you the recording link.    Unfortunately, I don't always keep those around, so if I got one I didn't keep it.

    Ekahau customer service is usually very good.   If you give them a call, they will probably give you the link.    They may have forgotten, due to the U'S. Holiday.   They did have a few audio problems at the start  (first couple minutes) so they may be planning to re-record it - but all the slides would still be the same.

    It was presented on 11/15/2017 at 9 AM pacific Time.   

    Here is another post on this subject, from Jim Geier several years ago::

    And another from Ubiquiti:

    And still another from Meraki (Cisco) :

    This last one has several considerations YOU will need to take into account.

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