• can anyone help me find compatable adapters to use with airmagnet survey pro, I need an adapter than can perform noise readings during passive surveys.

    I have 1 proxim 8494-wd adapter however I wish to find another adapter that will capture the noise readings.

    after performing  extensive searches to locate another 1 of proxim adapters as not gone well,

    please feel free to post on here if anyone knows where I can locate a proxim adapter or a suitable alternative.

  • By Howard - edited: December 8, 2017

    According to the Netscout/AirMagnet page at :

    There are only two adapters which can report noise readings - the 8494 that you already have, and the Netscout  3x3 Adapter(PCI Express connect).

    The Proxim 8494 was also known as the Proxim Ornoco 8494 and the Netscout Proxim Orinoco 8494 if that helps any (but you probably already knew that)

    Have you tried the Proxim 9100 adapter by any chance ?    Unfortunately the comment on the Netscout "compare adapter" page doesn't show it reports noise figures , and the small "comment indicator" detail is slightly ambiguous.   Sometimes a  manufacturer's own documentation is wrong, even on their own products (duh) - so it might work anyway.     Have you tried contacting Netscout directly to ask them ?

    Netscout's  Aircheck and their Aircheck G2 (handheld devices) both show interference data.   The printable reports from the tools show it as "non-802.11 Utilization".    I have the original Aircheck model, and I LOVE it-  - but neither model is cheap.

    Ekahau has an even newer tool, Sidekick, which I think is cheaper than the Aircheck G2 which looks REALLY good BTW. 

    On the same Netscout page listed above is a "Wifi Adapter Check Utility for Survey Tool", which will tell you if the adapter works - if you already have the adapter installed.

    I bet Netscout's technical support crew has a solution buried somewhere - even if it's a "semi-secret and unsupported driver" which they will be loathe to give you, that would work.

    Good luck. 

    Please let us know it you find a solution.

    PS:   SIIG makes an inexpensive USB to PCI Express converter, but I don't know if it will work in this case.

  • Thx howard for your input,

    I am aware of the 2 listed on netscout compatability list, unfortunately i cannot use 3x3 adapter only the usb type.

    I have tried the 9100 usb this does not do SnR for passive.

    I am aware of the sidekick however is this compatible with airmagnet?(would be nice to know) being they are market competitor?? Also the cost of the sidekick would be nice also.

    I have come across an adapter from Lancom AirLancer usb-300 agn which looks promising but im struggling to find any chipset info for this device.

    So im still looking for 8494 until i can resolve this issue


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