• Well, I'm happy to report that I've passed CWNA-107 today.

    Didn't score as high as I'd like, but given that I gave myself 16 days prep time I'm satisfied.  I'm well aware subsequent tests are going to require a heck of a lot more preparation, but for this test I was satisfied with the result.

    For anyone studying, do not underestimate this test.  The online practice tests here are NOT sufficient.  Yes, you should try to target high 90s % on those tests but they are not at all the only thing you need to do.

    I found the quizzes at the end of the chapters in the official study guide to be very helpful, and a much more accurate representation of the content on the exams.  If you can nail the chapter quizzes AND the online practice tests at close to 100%, you should be in good shape for the exam.  The E-learning is great, but having the book right in front of you makes a really big difference, at least to my learning style

    You need to study everything to very specific details.  There were a few times where a question reminded me of a section I wish I had studied a bit more closely.

    NOTE:  I am in no way attempting to hint at the type of content on the exam, nor am I drawing any direct correlations between the study material and the exam.

    I expected this to be roughly equivalent to the CCNA-Wireless with less Cisco proprietary stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it seems to slot in pretty well as ahead of or more advanced than the CCNA-W and almost equivalent to the CCNP-W test I took, though that was more focused in the design discipline (as i would expect CWDP to be).

    Thank you CWNP, and I am very happy that I chose to go this route rather than sticking with the Cisco track.

  • Hello,

    Did you study along side with someone or did you do personal study alone?



  • I self-studied.  I used the official CWNA guide, the E-learning, and the practice tests.  16 days start to finish.

    In fairness, I do have a few years of direct wireless experience managing significant Cisco wireless infrastructure as well as previous experience in Fixed LOS wireless ISP operations and engineering.  Your mileage may vary if you don't have the practical experience.

  • Hmm, I see.

    Alright, thank you. I appreciate it.

    Congratulations once again.

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    How well did you think the eLearning prepared you for the exam?  I'm taking my test on Friday and I've been through it what seems like about 4 - 5 times this week as well as the official CWNP online practice tests (I know you said those don't prepare you alone).  I also have the offical study guide and I've read most of it and taken all the chapter end-quizzes and get 80% or better on those.  

    Just wondering what your thoughts on the eLearning were as I've utilized it heavily and had it on all day at work the entire week. 



  • Personally, I think the e-learning should be seen as another tool in the toolbox.

    None of the individual resources are anywhere near enough on their own.  I like the e-learning because I can put it on at work or at home, and it lets me get a run through the material in a faster manner than reading the book and taking notes (which I also do).  I do pretty well with video trainings so it helps me to have the information 'fed' to me that way.

    The chapter quizzes in the book are a much better representation of actual test material in my experience with CWNA107.  Note, this is not to imply anything about actual test content and I would never devalue the cert by giving that sort of info away.

    What I will say is that you need to be doing better than just '80% or better' on those chapter quizzes in order to pass this test.  You should be able to get no more than 1 question wrong on each chapter test, and 90% or better on the online practice tests.  Even then I still don't think it'd be enough; you really would benefit from a lot of practical hands-on experience.

    Unless you're feeling exceptionally confident, you might consider pushing your test back another week or two and really go heavy on the book and/or run through the e-learning in lots of detail.

  • Thanks for your feedback!  I have been around wireless for about 10 years but not in this fashion of the RF engineering side.  I am scoring 97+% on the online practice tests now.  I hit the book pretty hard last night and I'm doing better on the end of chapter questions as well.  I'll hit the book hard again tonight, but I'm feeling better about it after studying again last night.  I'm at work already and have the eLearning on again.  

    Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated!

  • Definitely sounds like you should be at least well prepared enough to pass.

  • I passed my exam, was really nervous up until the time I started taking it.  Studied right up until 2 hours before the exam this morning.  It definitely takes all 3 resources (study guide, elearning and the practice tests prepare you well.

  • Congratulations on passing!  great accomplishment!

    Was wondering, how is the e-learning different from the study guide?

    Do you recommend the e-learning in addition to the study guide?

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