• Just passed the exam with instructor grade. I think it was easier than that everyone told me. Studied for 7 week using book and e-learning. Book was more helpful, but slides helped with identifying areas that needed extra time.

    Now comes the ultimate question: my job is more towards design, install and support. So I am thinking that AP or DP would be my next choice. However many users are suggesting to get SP next. So here is my question: is there some kind of official mandatory progression sequence or some kind of suggested chain? 

    In the next 3 years I will be designing wlans and troubleshooting problems with connectivity and throughput, while someone else on the team is handling security. 

  • After the CWNA, there is no mandatory order.

    Based on the information you have written here, I would first go for the AP, then DP, then SP.

    I took the SP before the AP - the opposite order would have made the SP easier.

  • In the situation today I would go for SP first since there will be new versions of AP and DP in Q4.

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