• Hello wireless brethren,

    I have just completed my CCNA Wireless and will be taking the CWNA-107 exam in the near future. I have a quick question about the study guide.

    Seeing as the exam topics have been updated, will the CWNA-106 official study guide still be relevant to the new exam? I have previous experience in wireless, but I want to ensure I will be studying the right material for the exam.

    The CWNA-106 exam will not be an option unfortunately.

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Ryan,

    A quick read through the objectives says that only part of the 106 book will be relevant. Because of the newer tech covered in the 107 I would highly recommend getting the new book. The CWNP study guides are getting much better and there is much to be said from a strictly content perspective that you will use the new study guide well past just the exam.

    Thank you,

  • Maybe I missed this... any word on when the new study guide will be out?

  • FYI... I did a chat session with Wiley Customer Service about the Sybex Study guide for CWNA-107.  This was their response:

    ( 3m 16s ) Francis R: Just wondering when the Sybex study guide for Exam CWNA-107 will come out
    ( 3m 19s ) Wiley Customer Service: Please allow me one moment to view your case detail please.
    ( 8m 18s ) Wiley Customer Service: May I please have the ISBN for the product?
    ( 9m 16s ) Francis R: I only have the ISBN for the current study guide (CWNA-106). CWNA-107 would be a new book and not for sale yet.
    ( 9m 29s ) Francis R: Just wondering if Sybex is working on a study guide for CWNA-107
    ( 10m 0s ) Francis R: ISBN for 106 is - 978-1-119-06776-4
    ( 12m 0s ) Wiley Customer Service: I humbly apologize there is not an a study guide for CWNA-107.
    ( 12m 29s ) Wiley Customer Service: There is not going to be one.
    ( 12m 45s ) Francis R: Oh, interesting. OK thank you.
    ( 12m 51s ) Wiley Customer Service: You are welcome.

    Maybe there will be a different publisher for the 107 study guide.  Not sure.


  • The CWNP Certitrek will publish one for sure. Suggest emailing CWNP support to find out the release date of the new book. You will not get the same answer from the CWNP support team I guarantee.

    Thank you,


  • Agreed.  I can't get a straight answer out of anyone at CWNP about this.  Current exam retires in less than 90 days, yet absolutely no information on new exam study guide and practice exams.  But they will sure take your money to blow on a voucher for the new exam.  Very disappointed.

  • Every year questions are identical, so do not worry

  • search the internet

  • That is definitely not true.

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