• Hello,

    I heard from a colleague that CWNA 107 was multiple choice single answer. Rather than multiple choice multiple answer as other exams have been.

    However I couldn't find any information online to confirm this. Is anyone able to confirm?


  • By Howard - edited: February 9, 2018

    I don't have your answer but, in the past, even individual CWNP exams could be a mixture of both styles.   

    Personally, the multi-answer questions have always left me with the most  unsure feelings, until I actually get my score.  They are a great way to create test anxiety.

    Multi-answer questions are harder, because you only get credit for a completely correct answer.

    When I got my CISSP (a zillion years ago), there were 4 or 5 possible answers for each question.   It was tough because 3 of the 5 might actually be correct - but only one of them, the correct one, was MORE right.

    A lot of planning usually goes into test design, along with the philosophical leanings of the test creator.  It really helps to understand the tester's "mind" before you take the test.

    Best of luck on your exam.

  • Leewright, you heard right. Yes, I got my CWNA-107 few days ago. As you mentioned multiple choice single answer questions. Not sure how many different patterns questions available, but I was able to getting only multiple choice single answer questions. 

  • Thank you so much. I have my test booked in 2 days and this make me feel much more confident.

  • Hi Ma.

    I have some sample exam, i've answered all question in there but i don't know about it's accuracy. Pls help me check. If you can help me, let tell me your email, i will send to you an exam for check.

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