• Today I took CWAP-402 as I had previously purchased the materials before the most recent exam update.  Given that I had until 11/30 to take 402 still before the materials became invalid, I decided to place it ahead of CWDP in my study path toward CWNE.  I was also lucky enough to be able to purchase the CWDP-303 elearning bundle at a discounted rate which will automatically update on 10/15 so that I can have up to date material to finish out my tests.

    I wound up scoring better on CWAP than my other tests, which I was surprised at because I honestly didn't think I had done as well upon completing the exam.  I did spend a lot more study time and effort on CWAP however, as the practice tests were indicating that I needed a good amount more practice than CWNA or CWSP.  Based on the practice tests for the new CWDP-303, I don't believe i'll need much time to prepare, as I already had a background in design theory (including the CCNP Wireless IAUWS test) prior to even taking CWNA.

    I don't know what the updated CWAP-403 will be like, but I can say for sure that CWAP-402 was the most difficult CWNP test I've taken thus far.  I strongly believe the tests were numbered in such a way that you most certainly want to follow (107, 205, 302/3, 402/3) because a lot of the foundational knowledge required for CWAP is learned via studying for the other tests.  I had gone through the e-learning a couple times, taken the online practice tests, gone through the book cover-to-cover once, took all the chapter tests, then specifically had to put additional effort into particularly chapters 2 and 3, which are 802.11 communications and 802.11 frames, only because prior to this test I had a very limited background in actual protocol analysis, so the nitty-gritty detailed specifics didn't initially 'click' with me.

    Now I'll be waiting for the official release of CWDP-303 materials to go over and hopefully take the test by the end of this month.  It's the only thing I have left before I submit my application for CWNE.

  • Congrats! Yeah, I found CWAP a tough one, too.

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