• Hey all,

    Last Friday I took and passed the new CWDP-303 exam.  It was actually fairly easy for me having already passed AP, SP and NA, but I also have a considerable amount of design experience.

    All in all, I can't thank CWNP enough for their hard work on the transition of the material into the new LMS.  It really is a much nicer experience than before and should prove extremely helpful for candidates going forward.

    That was my final test, and i have submitted the application for CWNE.  Here's hoping for some good news!

  • Congratulations. A very admirable feat.

    How much time elapsed between taking your first exam, and finishing this one ?

    Did you need to repeat any of them ?

  • Hey Howard,

    Thank you, certainly something to be proud of.

    I passed the exams as follows:

    CWNA: 11/22/17

    CWSP: 8/24/18

    CWAP: 10/12/18

    CWDP: 10/19/18

    I fortunately did not need to repeat any of the exams, in fact my scores increased as I went through.  I was certain I had not done very well on CWAP but it turned out to be my highest score of the first 3 exams, and CWDP proved to be my highest score overall as I was able to pass with a 93% finishing the test in about 25 minutes.

  • Wow, that was fast.

    Did your employer help with either the training or the exam costs?

    My busy workload, and the lack of financial assistance from my company, slowed my progress drastically.   They  claim to support "professional development", but in reality it's only pablum. 

  • Yes, I was very fortunate that my employer covered the cost of all the materials.  I went after it in bundles, so that the exam vouchers would be included.  I think I bought one or two books out of the four, the others were all E-learning bundles.

    I've been pretty busy myself, but I was able to carve out a decent amount of time each day to study while at work, with a little supplemental review outside of work hours.

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