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    Just bit confused about relation between SSID and channels. If i have one single access point and i configure 2 SSIDs, will they operate on same channel or multiple channel or its totally dependent on OEM implementation?

  • Akhan101- Obviously I could be wrong has I'm somewhat new into this area of networking but I have other wireless background. That being said, a radio (regardless of if it's for an AP, or other type of radio) can only operate on 1 frequency at a time. With that said, you can probably understand that all SSIDs on a single radio will operate on a single channel/freq. If an AP has 2 radios in it then you could have the SSIDs on different radios which could/would have the SSIDs operating on different freqs. I hope this helps.


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    Justin is right, same channel.

  • It somewhat depends on the capabilities of your APs however generally the two are not tied together. 

    Most APs have two radios, generally a 2.4GHz radio and a 5Ghz radio but some manufacturers have dual 5Ghz APs.

    In the scenario of one AP, two radios (2.4GHz and 5Ghz) and you have two SSIDs (e.g. guest and staff) there are a number of options:

    • You could broadcast both SSIDs on both radios. All clients can see all SSIDs and use either dependent on their device capabilities and manufacturer band selection algorithms.
    • The other design option is to broadcast both SSIDs on 2.4GHz and only the staff SSID on 5GHz. You tell your staff (or configure their devices) to use the 5GHz as it is generally a better performing band. Guests will only see 2.4Ghz.
    • Another option would be 'guest' on the 2.4Ghz only and 'staff' on the 5Ghz only (assuming you provide all the staff with 5GHz capable devices).  
    • Lastly, you could create a staff2.4 and a staff5 SSID and broadcast each on the appropraite band. This takes the decision for band selection from the device firmware and to the human. You could also change these SSIDs to 'staff' (broadcast on 2.4GHz) and 'Fast Staff' (Broadcast on 5GHz).

    There are a lot of options to get the job done. 

    There is also band steering to encourage devices to connect to the 5GHz SSID. 

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    Most people find, with home networks, that it's better to use different SSID's with some indication of the band in the network name.  e.g MyHome2 and MyHome5.  Especially true if you only have one physical AP.

    That way the user can decide what is more important, range or speed.  There are few things more upsetting than to walk out onto the driveway of your home and lose your Wi-Fi connection - which likely would not have happened if you had just connected to the 2.4 GHz band to begin with.

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