• Has anyone seen a good description  (video maybe ?)  on the Device Provisioning Protocol from the WFA ?

    The publicly available, 124 page, document is pretty dry, and doesn't give much detail on the user experience.

    Any help would be appreciated.  

  • Me too!

    I have been waiting for the first configurator  app to arrive. Perhaps the details are not that clear to anyone else either.

    I don't even know whose interest is to create a configurator. If there is money involved then there is incentive, but most users expect to download apps for free. If Aruba, Cisco or some other vendor writes an app, there is a risk it will only support their gear. I wouldn't want dozens of apps on my phone as a consultant. I don't believe the mobile OS vendors will write the app since they are not in the WPA3 business at all.

  • By Howard - edited: May 16, 2019

    I would expect client device manufacturers would find it most helpful.   It could make their products more attractive to a wider client base.

    There are some devices, e.g. mobile printers etc., which although not that expensive, can be very sophisticated to set up.  They have literally hundreds of configuration commands, and dozens of hidden commands, available for set-up.   Someplace like a Walmart, which  literally buys tens of thousands of printers can afford, the support structure or personnel. 

    Small  mom and pop stores probably don't have the sophistication to set them up and have to rely on their VAR or distributor to set them up  - if they have one.   Some distributors/vars  don't want to bother  with small orders of printers.

    Many of these smaller companies could well use the better printers, but likely shy away from the difficulties involved in configuring them.   although, out of the box, they will work as is if no changes are desired.

    Most often they use a special printer language for setup and printing.

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