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    Has anyone here used MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) gear for their home, or enterprise, backhaul links ?  

    IF  you already had Cable installed in every room, it seems like an appealing solution, and appears to have less chance for interference compared to using power lines (e.g. HomePlug or PowerLINE).   

    Note that it does appear that Charter Spectrum  intentionally rewired my  premise cabling to disable any MoCA devices that I might install myself, by disconnecting every unused cable port.   

    Update -  Charter Spectrum is NOT a member of the MoCA Alliance, at any membership level, which may explain this.  They do support TiVO however. 

    Also, from a security and interference perspective, it seems like every home with cable service should install a MoCA-MPoE (Minimum Point of Entry) Filter on the cable as it comes into your house - whether you use MoCA or not.   

    Note that there are different qualities of these filters with different amounts of insertion loss and band rejection.   Common band rejection values range form 40 to 70 dB.  Typically the more expensive filters are better in both categories.

    For those not familiar with different types of coaxial adapters/connectors, a MoCA Filter is NOT the same thing as a MoCA Splitter.

    PS:   I was surprised to not find ANY Forum posts on MoCA, especially since that standard has been around for a few years.

    I'd like to hear your opinions.

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