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    what exactly represents the network load factor that is used for interference calculation? Is there any rule of thumb which value to use? 

  • Ekahau should be the best source of answers to your questions.

    If it helps, I can tell you some of the threshold settings I use for an older Fluke/Netscout Aircheck unit.   These are user selectable, and based on a red, yellow, green, bad to good scale. 

    For signal levels they are  -83, -75, -64 (dBm).   For detected noise floor  -82, -88, and -91 dBm.  For SNR I use 13, 16, and 25 dB.   For 802.11 channel utilization I use 80, 65, 35 percent.  And for NON-802.11 channel utilization I use 49, 35, and 15 percent of excessive noise.   For retry rates I used 35, 10, and 7 percent ping retries.

    These are the numbers I used in my QA lab setup.   Other Venues, especially hospitals, may have very different expectations.   Especially for non-802.11 noise.

    You will often find detected noise floor at -97 dBm or better (lower).

    Anyway, hope that helps 

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