• I want to test different modes power save legacy,UAPSD,wmm,qos features. Can anyone help me to find suitable utility and wifi card?

  • By Howard - edited: April 22, 2019

    Are you looking to compare old and new methods of Power Save, or just look at current (certified) client devices ?

    Do you already have AP/AP's that can be set to work correctly on WMM devices (i.e on/off), and do you have resources to set up multiple VLANS ? (not necessarily required, but it might make testing easier)

    How in-depth are you looking to study the issue ? Are you mainly looking to see how to configure the devices, or just sniff the packets being exchanged, or actually measure either the battery condition or power drain.

  • I have set up of switch, router and enterprise-class Access point of Cambium Networks. Want to analyze these protocols in depth. I cant have all precertification equipment but can get quite a few required equipment. I want to test these power saves and wmm qos features. I have IXchariot as well.

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