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    Can anyone give me a URL or other pointer to information on configuring wireless print servers? Especially in an enterprise environment.

    As I understand it, they have to be at hardcoded addresses for MS's GDI to work properly.

    Do site-surveyors normally take things like this into consideration?

    Anyhelp would be appreciated.

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    Has anyone had problems with wireless printers and trying to use them simultaneoulsy with Ethernet connections?

    I know that the Intermec site says not to use Static Ethernet Addresses with wireless enabled.

    Does anyone know of printers that will allow this?

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    This is an old post, but I thought I'd chime in.

    Back when this question was originally written, most TCP/IP stacks were not written well enough to handle Dual Hosting.  i.e. working correctly over Wi-Fi and Ethernet simultaneously.  They did work somewhat, but ONLY if the two IP addresses were in different subnets.

    What would happen is that packets, often ACKs but anything really, would get sent to the printer on the wireless interface, but the response would get sent back over the Ethernet port.   Which interface got used, and when, was unpredictable, and this caused all sorts of havoc with the network as well as application programs.   It might switch back and forth many times an hour. 

    Product managers promised this feature, i.e. dual hosting, to customers and management, but never could get it to work reliably.  So after much hoopla and fanfare, they silently stopped promoting it.

    Since then, the TCP/IP stacks have supposedly been fixed, so it should be able to work now, but some companies seem loathe to try it again. 

    I couldn't talk about it previously because my employer, at the time, was one of those companies.

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