• Not sure if any one has posted this yet but here is a GREAT instructor led video series from VTE and Carnegie Mellon University. Not wireless specifically but has a great section on Cryptography:

    Best of all it is free.

  • Tks Keith

    Some very good clips in there. Excellent school.

    Some info about Andrew Carnegie [ one "half" of Carnegie-Mellon ]one of the great philanthropists of all time:


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  • I could look at most of those clips an get something from it reall good and for free.

    I think we all like FREE

  • Yeah, it is a very good series. There are more of them but not all are free since it is inteded for DoD certification and thus needs sponsorship. Still, the ones you can access are free and good stuff so... Full directory below, after that your on your own to "hunt":

  • Many thanks Keith

  • That's going to come in really handy and not just the wireless part, thanks for posting it.


  • I have watched that video but I do not understand the how do you calculate that when you guys need to fall it or bring it up on the stats without touching the market repo.

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