• I just passed the CWNA a couple weeks ago and started working on the CWNP 2 days ago. I took the practice exam this morning and got a 95%. One important thing is I do wireless designs for a living, so I'm familiar with the process.

    I'm a bit concerned that the practice exam may have been a bit too easy and that the questions on the actual exam will be more difficult. If so, I'm afraid of not being as prepared and gaining a false sense of confidence if I were to go into the actual exam soon.

    With that said, how would any of you compare the actual exam to the the CWNP practice exam questions in terms of difficulty and question types?

  • The biggest problem is the time constraint.

    Set yourself an egg timer, and restart the practice exam.

    See if you can finish it in the time allowed, and then see what your score is.

    I like to see HIGH 90's before I proceed.

  • Thanks, Howard.

    My score was at 95% and took me 29 minutes to complete. As I mentioned in my original post, I only started studying this week and my concern is getting a false sense of confidence and the actual exam being different enough to where I don't pass.

  • That's very easy to do, and the CWNA is the easiest.

    Every CWNP resource is lacking when it comes to quantity.   That's not a put down, just realism.    There is so much material to cover.   Nothing, not the books, the videos, the practice tests, or even another single book can cover it all.

    There is a saying around here, and that is STUDY TO THE OFFICIAL OBJECTIVES.

    Make yourself a copy of the official objectives, list each topic, and then compare these to the topics on the practice exam.  There will be a lot missing.

    Now, search the Net for every one of the missing topics, and study them to them same depth as what you learned for the practice exam.   Then you'll be prepared.

    Technical whitepapers, sales brochures, electronic's and manufacturers websites,  advertising,  FCC and ARRL links are all fair game.

    Best of luck.

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