• Before the CWDP-302 Expired I went to take the exam, with two months of studying. Bought the practice test and Test A was the most difficult compared to test b practice exam. I read the book once and for practice test B had a 90%. I was confident but did not pass the test

    Now for the CWDP-303, i bought the book, e-learning, and practice test. The practice test do not even compare to Practice test A in the CWDP-302. Very easy practice test in 303.

    Now I am wondering what the 303 test looks like

    Just my two cents in regards to my experience

  • I have not seen the newer test, but I can say from experience that it appears that the individual tests are getting easier.

    Some would say the tests are just getting easier, but I think it appears this  way due to increased specialization in each of the certs.  i.e. a more narrow field of study.

    Please come back with your opinion, after you take the new version and let us know your opinion.


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