• Hello fellow CWNPs, 

    I have recently bought a CWNA and CWDP exam voucher in plans to, this month, get the CWNA and July of next year get the CWDP. I work as a Wireless Network Analyst and want to transition to a design role within my company, and thought that the CWDP would be a good place to start.

    However, I've heard that the CWDP is an extremely difficult exam considering that there are a lot of scenario questions (that may be subjective to some), which considering that the exam length is 90 minutes, can be pressing. 

    I was wondering, how long did it take you CWDPs to get to a point where you felt comfortable to go to the exam and get a good grade? How many hours a week, as a rough estimate, do you think you studied on average?

    Considering that I spend most of my time studying outside of work, I could probably fit in around 20h of studying a week. I am planning to become CCNP certified in Enterprise Design when the new Cisco Certs come out as well around the end of next year, so perhaps around 15h a week on average is more realistic(?) This equates to about 780h in a year; bluntly, how much should I prioritize this and what are my chances?


  • When you comfertably passed the CWNA exam, CWDP shouldn't be far away. allthough i have a couple years of design experience on me i found the CWDP exam to be very easy, to a point where CWNA was the harder one of the 2. Check your basic design knowledge by doing the chapter tests in the studyguide to see where you stand :)

  • By Howard - edited: May 6, 2021

    Just so we are clear here.

    The CWSP certification is for Security.

    The CWDP is for Design.

    I found the CWSP harder, as it required more memorization.   Comparatively,  I think the CWDP exam had more "trick" questions in it. 

     But that's just my personal opinion. 

  • The DP? took me about 1.5 weeks from getting the book to sitting the exam. Since you mention the SP... that took me about 2.5 weeks from getting the book to sitting the exam. CWISA was about 3 weeks. I'm just wanting on the new book fro the AP and I'll work on that and get it knocked out. I'm hoping to submit my CWNE application by end of year if not have my credentials by the end of year. Keep it up and good luck


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