• Hello,

    On the CWTS exam, can you mark a question and go back to it later on after answering
    the rest of the questions?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Exams make me really nervous usually. I mean, when you have an important assignment task, there is nothing stressful about it because even if you don't know how to get it done, you always can use or something. And on an exam you don't have such opportunities, the result only depends on you.

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    The first section gives you the but you should have to put your 100% into the exam paper. The first paragraph are the base of the writing, so make sure to do it better then the other paragraphs.

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  • The Telangana state Intermediate 1st Year & 2nd Year betterment and supplementary exams were conducted from 7th June to 14th June 2019. The 2nd year supply results were declared on 14th July and the 1st year supply results were released on July 24 i.e, today.

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