• Among the netizens of today’s generation, AOL Gold has gained immense popularity. If you haven’t browsed through the features of this desktop software, then do install AOL Desktop Gold in the OS and experience for yourself. However if you have and you find that it is running slow, then maybe its cluttered with browser’s junk. Clear the cookies and cache. To do that, follow the process shared below:

    ü  Launch AOL Desktop gold software in the system

    ü  Enter your username and password and then tap on ‘Sign in.’

    ü  Once you see the dashboard or home menu, click on the Settings icon in the right-hand side

    ü  Double click on it and then navigate to ‘Browser.’

    ü  Open the security tab and then put a checkmark near the boxes, which say ‘Clear Browser’s cache, cookies, history, and footprints.’

    ü  Click on Okay, and you will be able to clear the browser’s cache successfully.

    For more information to download aol desktop gold,you can call at aol gold support team.

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