• I have passed my CWNA exam last saturday and I wanted to share some thoughts/tips with the community....

    Firstly, the question that everybody is asking: How is the exam?

    The questions were very similar (but definitely not the same) to the ones in the official Practice Tests; lots of questions were about troubleshooting and RF validation, very little about 802.11 PHY and MAC operations but this could be just a coincidence. In any case you have to be prepared on everything! I passed with 82% (the minimum to pass is 70%). Do not underestimate "minor" topics like PoE...I made some silly mistake on the dumbest questions...I could have score much higher. 

    What's the best way to prepare for the exam?

    Definitely the official study guide, then the practice tests and finally the e-learning. However, I have to make some observations:

    The study guide is not written particularly well, although very comprehensive, it could be better. There are a lot of typos (ok it's first edition...) as well. For instance the Cisco CCNA wireless guide(200-355) is written much much better. Obviously I am talking only about the 802.11 theory chapters at the beginning of the book. The remaining topics about specific Cisco technology are out of the CWNA exam' scope but (you'd be surprised) still very helpful. I read the Cisco guide first and then when I read the CWNA study guide (after few months) it went very very easy. I have also bought the "802.11ac survival guide" (as suggested on this website) but I wouldn't say it was particularly crucial for the exam. Read it only if you have extra time. Instead read lots of White papers from the various vendors; if you don't have practical experience they will give you a context when you study the theory. 

    The practice tests were very useful, I would say invaluable. They allow you to benchmark your preparation so you can set the pace of your study time.  At $100 for only 2 sets of 60 questions they are not good value for money however. I have found another set of tests (for free) on the Aruba forum: very helpful! The little tests at the end of each chapters are very useful as well. When you get 90% (or more) in the tests you are ready for the exam.

    Finally the e-learning: it was useful because there are very  small details that are not mentioned in the book but they are important for your preparation. Don't use the e-learning as alternative to the doesn't work that way! First read the book then do the e-learning...then read the book again.

    It took me 6 months (on&off) to prepare but (if you have working experience) you could easily do in 1 or 2 months if you study every day.

    I have been working on WiFi projects for over 6 years so I have quite a bit of experience but the knowledge you get from the CWNA is fantastic, I now feel much more confident and I am already studying for the CWDP exam. 

    I hope my advices will be useful for you guys!

  • Congrats Mannins79 on passing your exam. My goal is also CWDP as I am a solution consultant not an engineer. I am also considering CWSP as security is very important nowadays. I have planned my CWNA -107 for August 3rd so about two weeks from now. I am most struggeling with the 'choose all that apply'' type of questions, just missing one answer or choosing one answer to many. The practice tests however are based on one answer possible questions only. What is best compared to the real exam? Thanks in advance and good luck on your CWDP exam preparation.

  • yes those are tricky. The exam has multiple choices be aware! Just practice with the tests (did you see the aruba forum ones?) and you will be fine!

  • Great information Mannins. I'm shooting for mid August for my CWNA exam. I just completed the official 1st edition book and am working through the videos online. My first run through on the 3-5 question chapter reviews before really diving in on the videos was just over 80%. I've not done the full practice exams yet, but will definitely take your advice on the Aruba ones. The more practice questions I can get the better I'll feel. Every chapter I'd roll do the review questions, write them down, star the ones I was questioning myself on even if I got it right so I could go back to that content later.

    I'm with you on the writing of the guide though, it was kind of rough at times and even the figures it would tell you to look at wouldn't be accurate. So I'm glad I'm through the book.
    I'm a fairly seasoned jack of all trades systems engineer (a little networking, a little virtualization, a little systems administration), but have been working on wireless infrastructure more and more. I enjoy it so I thought I'd find someway to actually showcase my abilities and possibly even open more doors for me in other areas.

    That being said, I generally suck at studying, so your guidance is much appreciated. I thought about creating a guide with all the questions from the book and the practice exam questions, but I think my mind is just coming up with busy work to distract me from the actual content.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Congratz on passing.

    Any Links for that free practice test in Aruba?

    I'm planning to test before October 3rd


  • Looking for the Aruba practice test too.


  • Hi Mannins.

    Thank for your advices. I took some free exams from Internet and I've answered all questions in there but i don't know about accuracy of answer. So, can you help me check it ? If you can, pls tell me your email and i will sent it to you for check. Thanks so much :)

  • Thank you for sharing your impressions!

  • The order I completed the exams was CWDP, CWAP and CWSP this is not the most recommend way to complete the exams but suited my strengths and interests which is what I suggest. I spent on average 2-3hrs a day studying for these exams, while juggling university studies, family and work life. When I had university assignments and exams coming up my daily routine was different as well life, work and kids always make things interesting but the above is the average. The CWNP study guides are excellent and some of the best I have read. Exams as straight forward and if you know the material the question won't trick you up like some exams. Fortunately, I did not spend much time with some paperwork. I was helped by the dissertation proposal writing services. One such service is the Professional writers helped me in this difficult task. I actually found the CWSP exam the hardest out of all them, most say they find the CWAP the hardest, but for me it was not the case. I can honestly say I really enjoyed studying for the CWNP certifications, as there is nothing worse than having to read something you couldn’t give a rats ass about. The knowledge and skills I learnt from this have greatly assisted me with in ever aspect of my job as a Wireless network engineer and I recommend the certifications to anyone. Now that I have completed the CWNP track I will be applying for my CWNE which deserve a blog post on its own.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 

    Kindly share the questions and share the links for corresponding questions 

    I am planing for March 2020

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