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    I always appreciate good technical descriptions of 802.11 technology.  Too many times, documents are labelled as whitepapers when they are only thinly disguised marketing fluff.    I think I found some good ones at Quantenna.

    This series of papers that include some interesting and insightful data, and although some of it covers the older /n standard, it is still relevant.  Many of their charts and diagrams are very revealing.   This is not to say that they point out all of the "goodies" in their data, but to the discerning eye the information is priceless.

    I found the Output Power, Pre-coding, and Optimizing papers especially interesting.    For those who like technology comparisons, the /ac Intro. paper has a succinct table comparing /n and /ac - note especially which features were removed in the transition. 


  • I know I'm probably late to the party since this is from March but thanks a lot. I hate looking at whitepapers for the exact reason.

  • Glad you liked them.

    It's so much better when you don't have to dig so deep to find all the nuggets.

    I've always found it interesting to see what's been removed from old standards - and realize that many of the newer features will also be removed.

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