• You: A seasoned networking professional with experience managing an enterprise 802.11 Wi-Fi network and a passion for making an amazing mobile networking experience for tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff.

    Us: One of the largest higher education institutions in the United States with one of the largest consolidated Wi-Fi networks in the country.

    Are we a match? I hope so, as I'm excited to share that The Ohio State University is expanding its Wi-Fi team in hiring another full-time (company employee, NOT contractor) senior network engineer! Located in Columbus, Ohio, this person will help us grow our current 14,000 access points to nearly 25K over the next two years. As a technical leader among the team, the four primary responsibilities of this individual will be:

    - Lead projects related to Wi-Fi expansion and service enhancements 

    - Perform advanced radio frequency (RF) analysis and design 

    - Identify and resolve complex network issues 

    - Research and evaluate new technologies to improve the campus Wi-Fi network

    We're excited to discuss this opportunity with you!

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