• I have both a brother printer and a hp printer. My brother printer was connected with my system previously, so I decided to connect my hp printer with my router. At the time of connecting, it wanted a WPS pin on hp printer. I somehow found that pin from and connected it. But then my brother printer is not working anymore. What should I do now?

  • By Howard - edited: November 26, 2019

    I suggest you re-Pin the brother printer, using the WPS controls built into the printer.   Hopefully the Brother supports the same WPS capabilities as the HP.  

    This may require you to actually "remove" the SSID name from the Brother printer first.     Hopefully you won't have to "reset to factory settings" on the printer if you have any special settings on it.

    You may have noticed that with some supplicants on other devices, e.g. PC's, you can't CHANGE  a network password after you've changed the AP's paswword, without first deleting the SSID on the device first.   I believe this is a similar problem.

    If that is not possible, then you may have to use a non-WPS method on the HP printer, and you may have to get into the nitty-gritty HP controls to do that.    Most Enterprise networks do not support WPS, so hopefully buried somewhere within its controls it is possible. 

    I've had similar problems at home, with multiple printer types.

    Good luck.  Please report your progress.


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