• Hi there! 

    Recently, on the advice of my Cousin (CWNE #232) I've started studying for the CWNA - 107 exam using the 5th edition study guide by Coleman and Westcott.

    I have an industrial operational engineering background and my goal is to change careers or, at the very least, expand my options for employment going forward. 

    I was hoping to put together a study group in San Francisco for others that may be interested in the same. With the goal of getting together once a week or so to compare notes on 2-3 chapters per session. Also, to exchange ideas - network for jobs ect.

    If you're interested - please respond here. I've created a slack channel for us to discuss and arrange a meetup! 

    Thanks and hope to hear from some folks soon. 

    - Jarrod

  • By DKrista - edited: November 13

    It's a great idea and a great advantage for you. I've also got an additional specialization. And when I need to find some information I go to artscolumbia, the free essay resource, and here is the giant storage of different information on case studies, art, science, etc. I like this one because it's very convenient to have all necessary in one place. Good luck with your exam! :)

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