• Hey Gang,

     Anyone out there know of any practice test? I have worn the two that you can purchase from CWNP out. I have tried Boson, Kaplan and google search. I am not looking for dumps, good practice test.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I can't help you with finding more practice tests, but I can tell you THE secret to the exams.

    Locate it's current OFFICIAL Exam's Objectives on this site.   Print them out, and study to each of the items in that document.   Every single one, not just the ones you believe are important.

    Use Google and other methods to research the items.   Take notes.   Review before the test date.

    Get lots of sleep the night before the exam.

    I know, it's a pain.  But you'll pass, and be a lot smarter when you're done.

    Good luck.


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