• Hello- Is there such a thing as a "universal" cloud based controller service out there? I see most of the manufacturers such as Muraki, Ubiquiti, Aerohive, Ruckus, etc have their own cloud controller services, but is there something out there that is universal that will accommodate a mixed network of APs and provide some level of non-proprietary controller functionality? What about in a site located physical controller option? 

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  • Hola

    En extreme networks hay forma de centralizar a una gran cantidad de marcas, y verlas desde la nube, por medio de un Servidor NAC de la misma marca



  • Not really an answer to your question I'm afraid, but just my two cents.

    Cloud  based "anything" will always suffer from time delays, and failures to communicate.   

    If you are relying on a third party to operate your business, what do you do if the company folds, or changes its pricing ?

    Are you really willing to allow someone, outside of your control, to modify your systems or infrastructure.

    Any information you direct to pr pass through the cloud is subject to inspection by your enemies.

    Finally, in my opinion, a day will come when the world will see how dangerous the Cloud really is and how naive people were to use it..

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