• So I'm hypothetically trying to configure RADIUS on my Wireless LAN controller to an external LDAP / Active Directory. Anyone have experience or know of a source/location to get information on this? I've done it before but it's been awhile and looking to document detailed steps on how to "officially" do this.

  • Oh, also I know you can install RADIUS/AAA Server service on Windows AD Server, but looking for the solution of an external RADIUS, like on a WLAN controller connecting to LDAP / Active Directory.

  • By Howard - edited: March 3, 2021

    Although I have done a lot of "securities" testing, my expertise rests in L1-L3 areas.  Actual RADIUS setup was handled by others.

    If you can locate a copy of "Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions" by Jim Geier, it's very good.   You'll probably need more specific documentation for a specific implementation.   

    Cisco has some very excellent articles, if you can find them.   But like everything else "Cisco", they do things their own way, and that may not help on other platforms.

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