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  • Hi all,

    Studying for CWSP and very confused about aforementioned acronym.

    Checking on the internet seems there is some confusion out there as well, but in CWSP context which one is used for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act security framework.

    I think in the practice tests, I got a question wrong because I selected a half answer with HIPAA rather than a full answer with HIPPA(which I didn't think was right?)

    Can anyone clarify?



  • By Howard - edited: April 5, 2021

    Without the EXACT wording of the question, it is hard to tell what happened.  It is true that the CWNP has used incorrect wording, and/or  spellings, to confound test takers in the past. 

    Historically, they have also had incorrect answers for their tests, so hopefully this was not an error of theirs.

    If it was not an error on their part, I am assuming that the answer with HIPPA, was entirely wrong due to the incorrect abbreviation.

    Even if the second half of the answer is correct, if the first part (here HIPPA) is wrong, it would invalidated the entire answer.

    In the past when I missed questions, it was almost always due to me rushing through a question or the possible answers, and settling on an incorrect answer. 

  • Hi there,

    The question, answer and explanation are as follows.

    Which one of the following are regulatory concerns that you may have to be familiar with along with general WLAN-related security if you support wireless in hospitals or places where financial transactions occur?

    Select one:a. PCS and HIPAA b. PCI-DSS and WECA c. HIPPA and WECA d. PCI-DSS and HIPPA


    PCI-DSS is a financial payment card processing guideline, whereas HIPPA is medical-oriented.

    The correct answer is: PCI-DSS and HIPPA

    I ignored this and concluded that PCI-DSS was probably the right answer in the context of this question ignoring HIPPA.

    However on reading the CWSP study guide again yesterday, the terminology seems to be used interchangeably.

    The section on security regulatory frameworks uses HIPAA, but elsewhere references are being made to HIPPA.

  • By Howard - edited: April 6, 2021

    CWNP definitely erred on that one.  

    I would like to think that automatic editing and indexing software would have been used by an "editor" at the least to have found this kind of spelling errors in a book. 

    Based on many years of writing Word Processing software, I would think there would be a  "stop list" of commonly misspelled words that would have caught it.

  • It's HIPAA, but they tend to use HIPPA incorrectly a lot, I put it down to cheap editing. I'm currently going through the CWISA-101 first edition and have so far found 2 incorrect HIPPA's and I'm only in chapter 3

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