• The CWNP Forum Search function seems broken.

    I have long suspected that search results have been limited in scope by date, but now some searches just return nonsense.   This does not include the years of irreplaceable data that I KNOW were lost to disk crashes over the years.

    For example, I seemed to remember a post on aerial drones, so I searched on "drone".  All that search returned today was a blank filled index page and three blank pages of results.

    Other searches seem to locate nothing but pages of thankfully deleted spam posts.   

    Has the CWNP database been turned over to some third party fly-by-night outfit ?   Regardless, it needs fixing.

  • By Howard - edited: June 24, 2021

    Based on further searches and interactions with the Forums database, I can only conclude that at a minimum, the Forum's search "index" is corrupted.

    Having worked on some of the largest databases in the world during my career, I can verify that the "index", or whatever you care to call it, is one of the most critical parts of any database.

    The Forums search algorithms need revamping, the stop list ( words not indexed like "and, or" etc) edited, and the index rebuilt afresh.

    Please take this evaluation, from one of the forums longest attendees seriously.

    You know who I am Tom, and that I've always tried to help the CWNP program.  



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