• By Howard - edited: June 15

    SolarEdge, the worldwide solar power company, is currently under legal threat in Germany for illegally generating  Radio Frequency  Interference (RFI).  Without immediate remediation steps, they will be prohibited from selling additional products there.   Industry officials fear this ban could spread across the remainder of the EU.

    IMO, it would be good if the US would follow in Germany's footsteps on this issue.

    The EU has determined that a very high percentage of Solar Panel controllers, and LED lighting, operate illegally and generate excessive RFI that interferes with legal radio communications devices.   

    There is also evidence that some improperly installed solar units, and LED lighting can interfere with Wi-Fi networks.

    See the following link for additional information:

    Ironically, our so-called High Efficiency appliances, like washing machines, are another gross polluter.  American made products are usually better than imported ones, as FCC requirements are routinely ignored by foreign manufacturers.   The FCC claims to not have enough manpower to adequately fight the problem.   I suspect it is due to other reasons.

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