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    There has not been much in the news lately regarding the FCC fines regarding Wi-Fi specific equipment.

    You may remember that just a few years ago, there was a flurry of big hotel and venue operators being fined for illegally interfering with customers Wi-Fi setups.   Manufacturer's were also fined for selling over-powered routers, often caused by over-sized externally attached antennas.   

    Farther back, what I consider to be bogus claims by Austrailias CSIRO  (with help from US agencies), severely dampened the market for outstanding  companies like Buffalo.  Up until that time, Buffalo had been a real shooting star in the Wi-Fi arena.  

    Now the FCC has gone after drone companies for unauthorized frequency use.

    See the link below:

    I would expect similar actions within the next couple of years in the Wi-Fi world, due to increased bandwidth demands across the frequency spectrum.

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