• Hey, I am here on the CWNA website in search of the best platform from where I can take preparation for CWNA-108 exams with questions and answers, I want to start my preparation for the exam but I have not much knowledge about this CWNA-108 exam. Did someone knows about this CWNA-108 exam and have genuine tips.

  • @Bournmick thanks for your concern answer i think it's so helpful for me.  

  • By Howard - edited: November 29, 2021

    As with ALL  CWNP exams, the correct approach is to download a copy of the exam's Official Objectives, and study to them.

    Using only the practice exam to measure your progress is  a sure way to guarantee failing the real exam - usually by only a couple points, from the areas you completely skipped in your studies.

    Trust me.

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