• where i can find "Sniffer Wireless Courseware", i want to enhance my wireless sniffer and analyse skill

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    No Chris, I did not have to learn the ACS for my MCSE. When I was doing all the MCSE 2000 stuff, I had a grand opportunity to play with and setup Cisco's ACS and Cisco's VPN 3030's... and of course some PIX and even Cisco Wireless... All in and about the same 2.5 years or so.

    Technically PKI was not a part of my MCSE either - but I picked it up along the way.

    So while I was doing this I was becoming extremely more efficient at Forensics not only at the Hard Disk and RAID levels but also with Network Forensics. I started to turn my eye towards Sniffer's Infinistream Product (which I later had the awesome opportunity to buy as a flagship of my Sniffer devices I use in my labs from time to time).

    Sniffer University has come, been, and is now NetScout's Sniffer U... Professor Messer has moved on to bigger and better things now. He also wrote the books and courses for Network Cartography if anyone ever wants to learn the most from NMAP and get the most out of ICMP.

    NetScout remains.

    Here's the course schedule - but Wireless Analysis is no longer on the menu.

    I have to come clean - I make no pretense to be Vendor Neutral. None whatsoever.

    I made my living starting out with Microsoft. I learn enough about interoperability to flip Solaris, Linux, Novell, and MAC shops to the Dark Side aka Microsoft.

    Now I make my living with Cisco. Same difference and principles apply.

    I'm a student of Deming and Crosby.

    This means I'm all about standardization and all about removing non-standard variables from any scenario.

    To me it is all about the equation.

    Interoperability is great but for me it is and will normally be a path to standards based networking.

    Now every once is a while I come across a non-standard app or vendor - however, if it has been established as " the standard " of the organization. Then I'm for it.

    If not, then I move to evacuate the little bastard from the company asap.

    To me it is all about the process and about the standard operating procedure.

    I did the custom PC thing for a few years - loved it. Yep. Wild times - no doubt. Total Chaos and anything goes.

    However - it does "NOT" scale. It did not scale.

    There are 24 hours in a day and that's it. Love to play with stuff, but when it comes to work, I'm all about law and order.

    I've been known to watch how everyone in a network operates and maneuvers for 3-12 months before taking a stand.

    I watch people make their mistakes and do their thing - whatever it is.

    We can't create standards if we don't know what's broken.

    So I'm not going to go and try to learn god knows how many new systems - when simplicity, standards, and the major player(s) that I know so well are working just fine. Things will always change and so will the major players over a period of time. I'm ok and quite accustomed to that.

  • Hello,

    Where can one access these cwna wireless labs which you have listed?

    Email address is:

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    Where can one access these cwna wireless labs which you have listed?

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    Where can one access these cwna wireless labs which you have listed?

    Thank you.

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