• Hi Experts:

    I'm doing a test on old 802.11ac wave 1 wireless NIC.

    This NIC always dropped the packets on new 802.11AE AP.

    According to the OTA, it seems for most of the 802.11N MCS0 packets, the Short GI would be disabled; With 802.11N MCS5 or higher data rate, the Short GI would be enabled.

    But, for few higher data rate packets, it also shown as Short GI disabled.


    My questions are :

    1, The Short GI is negotiable? 

    2, How does the STA and AP negotiate the Short GI?

    3, For a period of time, AP sent the packets to STA with Short GI enabled, but STA sent the packets to the AP with Short GI disabled. Is this a normal behavior?

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