CWNP Announces New CWDP and CWAP Certifications

New WLAN analysis and design certifications will be required for CWNE


Atlanta, GA -April 07, 2010 - CWNP, the IT industry standard for vendor-neutral enterprise Wi-Fi certification and training, today announced two new certifications for enterprise WLAN design and analysis, both of which will be available in Q4 of 2010. CWNP also announced changes and new requirements for its highest level certification, CWNE.
New Design & Analysis Professional Certifications
CWNP will begin offering two new professional level certifications in late 2010: CWDP (Design) and CWAP (Analysis). Sybex, the official press partner of CWNP, is publishing an official study guide for each certification.
CWDP. The new CWDP certification will ensure that network engineers understand how to properly design 802.11 networks for a variety of applications in many different deployment environments. Because today's Wi-Fi networks provide far more than portable Internet access, Wi-Fi engineers must be able to design networks for challenging mission-critical applications, regardless of the infrastructure and client vendor or the deployment environment.
The CWDP exam, PW0-250, will be available in January 2011. The Sybex Official CWDP Study Guide is being authored by industry experts Shawn Jackman, Rick Murphy, Matt Swartz, and CWNP Director of Product Development, Marcus Burton, all of whom are CWNE certified. Co-author Marcus Burton, CWNE and Director of Content Development at CWNP, said of the CWDP certification and study guide, "Behind every good WLAN is a good WLAN design. Wi-Fi is everywhere in the enterprise, but still few too many professionals understand how to design Wi-Fi networks for robust applications. Our mission is to create a comprehensive and authoritative certification curriculum that examines every detail of WLAN design. As any field engineer would attest, this text is sorely needed."
CWAP. The CWAP certification is coming out of retirement. The CWAP certification was first launched in 2004 to lackluster success, mainly because the industry was not ready for the depth of analysis and troubleshooting that was required to earn CWAP. The CWAP certification will be reintroduced in late 2010, with updated content for 802.11n, WMM/QoS, and 802.11r/k, as well as a renewed focus on helping engineers troubleshoot and solve common real-world problems.
The CWAP exam, PW0-270, will be available in Q4 2010. The Sybex Official CWAP Study Guide is being authored by industry experts David Coleman, David Westcott, Keith Parsons, and Bryan Harkins, all of whom are CWNE certified. Lead author David Coleman, CWNE #4 and author of the Sybex Official CWNA and CWSP Study Guides, said of the CWAP certification and study guide, "The forthcoming Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) study guide and courses will provide the reference knowledgebase for WLAN professionals for 802.11 analysis. Furthermore, the CWAP certification will validate the advanced troubleshooting skills and knowledge that any serious WLAN professional should possess.” The CWAP Study Guide will include coverage of updates for real-world troubleshooting best practices and use of the most up to date packet, protocol, and spectrum analysis tools.
New CWNE Certification Requirements
The CWNE certification, which has been available since 2007, currently requires the candidate to earn both the CWNA and CWSP certifications, complete a rigorous application process, and then pass exam PW0-300. The CWNE exam (PW0-300) will be retired on September 30, 2010. Beginning October 1, 2010, CWNE candidates will be required to complete a similar, though more streamlined application, and pass four exams:

  • CWNA - PW0-104
  • CWSP - PW0-204
  • CWDP - PW0-250 (available fall 2010)
  • CWAP - PW0-270 (available January 2011)

The new CWNE application will require at least 2 years of relevant technical experience with 802.11 networks, at least 2 other networking certifications, three (3) documented enterprise Wi-Fi projects, and a publication directly relating to the implementation of enterprise Wi-Fi technologies.
CWNE Recertification: All current CWNEs as of October 1, 2010, will be required to re-certify by passing either PW0-250 or PW0-270 before December 31, 2011. Individuals who earn CWNE after October 1, 2010, will be required to recertify every three (3) years by passing any one of the exams required for CWNE.
Kevin Sandlin, CEO & Co-Founder of CWNP, Inc., said, "Enterprise Wi-Fi is a fast moving industry, and we have to stay ahead of the knowledge curve, and sometimes even set the curve. A Wi-Fi design certification is needed in the marketplace because Wi-Fi technology has penetrated many different industry verticals, and wireless applications are becoming more challenging to design and implement. Now is also the perfect time to bring back CWAP because the market and available tools are mature and complex enough to support it. With four challenging exams and a rigorous application process, the CWNE certification is taken to a new level of quality and breadth of knowledge."
With these introductions, CWNP certifications will now cover the entire spectrum of knowledge for the enterprise Wi-Fi market. CWTS challenges sales people and project managers to understand the terminology and basic functionality of 802.11. CWNA provides a broad and deep foundation for the network engineer at the administrative level. Our professional level certifications - CWSP, CWAP, and CWDP - provide a specialty track for all network engineers who live in the Wi-Fi world, and CWNE requires the full breadth of knowledge, practical experience, and expertise.
About CWNP, Inc.
CWNP is the recognized industry standard for enterprise Wi-Fi training and certification. CWNP is the only vendor neutral wireless LAN certification program in the industry, covering the full range of technologies underlying all enterprise WLAN products. CWNP offers four levels of enterprise WLAN certification, from novice to expert and prepares IT professionals to specify, design, and manage wireless LAN infrastructure and applications regardless of the vendor solution utilized. Professionals in more than 130 countries have achieved CWNP certifications, enabling them to make wireless LANs more cost-effective, reliable and secure. CWNP is a privately-held corporation based in Atlanta, GA. For more information about CWNP, visit www.cwnp.com.

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