CWICP (Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional)

CWICP - Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional

Current version: CWICP-201 released in September 2020

Next scheduled update: CWICP-202 releasing in April 2024

Note: Last day to take the CWICP-201 exam: March 31, 2024

The Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional (CWICP) understands IoT connectivity standards and operation in business and industrial networks. This knowledge can be applied to deploy and troubleshoot the most common wireless IoT protocols with an in-depth understanding of their operations. A CWICP should be able to identify the technology and security requirements for a given IoT solution.

CWICP is built on the CWISA certification, which is a prerequisite to CWICP. This certification covers:

  • RF characteristics related to IoT protocols
  • The MAC and PHY of the most common wireless IoT protocols
  • Security features of wireless IoT protocols
  • Troubleshooting methods for wireless IoT connections
  • Mutiple protocols covered in detail
    • IEEE 802.15.4
    • Zigbee
    • ISA100.11a
    • WirelessHART
    • 6LoWPAN
    • Thread
    • Bluetooth
    • LoRaWAN
    • Sigfox
    • Z-Wave

CWICP-202 2024 Objectives

CWICP-201 2020 Objectives

Success Stories

I literally just came out of the testing centre having taken the CWDP exam. The certification process opened my mind to different techniques and solutions. This knowledge can only broaden your perspective. Great job, CWNP, you have a great thing going on here.

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Working through the CWNP coursework and certifications helped not only to deepen my technical knowledge and understanding, but also it boosted my confidence. The hard work it took to earn my CWNE has been rewarding in so many ways.

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I want to commend you and all at CWNP for having a great organization. You really 'raise the bar' on knowing Wi-Fi well. I have learned a ton of information that is helping my job experience and personal career goals, because of my CWAP/CWDP/CWSP studies. Kudos to all at CWNP.

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