CE Program for Your CWNP Designation

CWNP will offer an optional Continuing Education (CE) component for our professional level certifications; CWSP, CWDP and CWAP. To participate in the CE option you must declare participation within one year of obtaining your professional level certification.  *Please note that the CWNE CE program differs from the professional level program.

It is important to note that there is no change to the existing certification renewal program. The three-year testing component is still in place.  The new CE option is for those professionals that prefer continuing education to periodic testing.  Once the CE option is declared you may not revert back to the 3-year testing cycle.

To Declare:

  1. Log-in to CWNP account
  2. Click on Use CE option link under the certification you are renewing
  3. Click the Checkbox and then click the Confirm opt-in link

Submit CEs:

  1. Click on the  Submit CE credits under the certification
  2. Enter Title, description, date and completed hours and upload supporting documentation
  3. Please allow 2 weeks for processing and approval
  4. Once approved, click on the Renew link under that certification
  5. Email support@CWNP.com for CE support

CE Requirements:

  1. Once the CE option is declared you may not revert back to the 3-year testing cycle
  2. CE must be reported each year by the certification anniversary date to continue
  3. No additional hours can be submitted before start of next anniversary
  4. Failure to report CE by the anniversary date will result in an expired certification
  5. Once a certification is expired you must pass the current exam to reinstate

Earn CEs:
CEs are measured in hours of study or classroom training.  Self-study can be easily documented by passing a wireless networking exam. The table below shows a listing of acceptable continuing education and the hours allowed. *Note that some amounts exceed the requirement as we have chosen to be consistent with the values used for the CWNE certification CE requirement.  For CE items not listed in table, CWNP will approve hours based on the documentation provided to support@CWNP.com.

(Provided for reference only)

Activity CE Hours1
Teaching a CWNP professional level course (CWSP, CWAP, CWDP) 252
Teaching (or delivering) other wireless networking classes (or training) Apply3
Attending professional wireless networking training Hours attended
Managing extensive wireless project and deployment Apply4
Attending a wireless networking conference Conference hours5
Attending a wireless networking session at an IT conference Session hours5
CCIE wireless certification 506
CCNP wireless certification 156
CWNA® certification None
CCNA wireless certification None
GAWN certification 156
OWSE certification 156
OWSA certification 156
OSWiSP certification 156
WIC Engineer (iNARTE) certification 156
Other wireless training opportunities TBD7
  • Only eight (8) hours of Continuing Education (CE) are required each year.  Amounts greater than eight hours are provided to show consistency with the CWNE® CE program.
  • Must be a current CWNT® professional.  Each class number can only count once.  For example, if you teach the class for CWSP exam CWSP-205, you have to wait for the next version before you can submit for CWSP again.  To be clear, you can submit the same class twice in a cycle as long as it has been updated for a new exam.
  • It is highly recommended that you get preapproval for CE hours before the class begins by submitting a copy of the curriculum to support@CWNP.com.
  • Wireless projects can earn CE hours by submitting a project plan and stating specifically what you did to accomplish the project along with one reference that can verify your hours work.
  • Submit conference schedule and registration receipt for credit after attending the conference.
  • Effective date is the date on your certificate and can only be counted once.  Any CE to renew that other certification may also count towards your CWNP CE requirement.

To understand the CE program in complete detail, please see attached guidelines for the program. All additional questions can be directed to: Sean Stallings, General Manager of CWNP at sean@cwnp.com

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