AirHORN is a Blast!

AirHORN is a Blast!

By CWNP On 07/24/2009 - 7 Comments

Upon first inspection, this unassuming little gadget (AirHORN from doesn't seem like "all that"...but give it more than 2 minutes, and you'll be hooked.  Forgetting its intended purposes for a second, this gadget is just plain fun to play with.  The first thing I did was to pull out my fancy-smancy AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer to monitor what AirHORN was doing.  It not only did what it was intended to do, but it also had me laughing out loud at the cool things it does and how useful it can be for a variety of things.  I started a spectral recording in AirMagnet, put AirHORN in Fast Traverse mode, and just sat there laughing at the prospect of sending it to some expert friends who pride themselves on their troubleshooting skills.  With slanted white lines repeating across the swept spectrogram, I can only imagine what BS they'll speculate that this "system" is! :-)

I would include a screenshot or two, but fortunately for their customers, NutsAboutNets (literally the dumbest company name I've ever heard) posts screenshots of everything they make on their excellent website.  They are very responsive and good to work with, which is a welcomed change from most small newcomers that we encounter.  Whether you're testing antennas (yeah, right), jamming your neighbor's network, or any of a long list of cool things you could think up to do with this unit (both useful and fun), AirHORN is one of the coolest units I've seen in the Wi-Fi market in a long time.  Somebody over there is using their head for more than a hatrack.

I personally think it's a superior training aid for teaching spectrum analysis, but that's because I'm an education freak.  I recommend that all CWNT instructors get one immediately.  Kudos to, uh, NutsAboutNets, for a great little product!

If you haven't checked out their free product NetStress, do yourself a favor and do.  It's WAY cool.

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