Announcing the CWNA (PW0-105) Update!

Announcing the CWNA (PW0-105) Update!

By CWNP On 04/19/2012 - 10 Comments

CWNA PW0-105 Study GuideStrap on your boxing gloves and prepare yourself for the latest update of the CWNA exam. We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of the PW0-105 CWNA exam and the availability the new CWNA PW0-105 study guide!

The current exam version is PW0-104, which will remain available at testing centers for several months for those who have been preparing with PW0-104 study materials. PW0-105 will be available in early May, so stay tuned for exact dates.

Once again, the David - David (Coleman and Westcott) authorship duo have outdone themselves on the CWNA study guide. I am firmly convinced that this is the best text for network administrators to learn wireless LAN networking. It is a must read. The study guide is available now for immediate shipment from the CWNP store.

Update Highlights

The last major release of CWNA was in 2009, when 802.11n was ratified. We’ve been tuning the exam along the way since then, but it’s time for a major update to reflect shifts in enterprise networking trends.  Specifically, we want to address the maturation of new technologies in the market, focusing on 802.11n as the status quo while 802.11a/g becomes “legacy” technology.

Also, you may have noticed that the 802.11 specification was recently updated as 802.11-2012. The IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance have been busy in the past few years, releasing several Wi-Fi enhancements in that time. For example, 802.11k, 11r, 11s, 11w, and 11u are among the new topics that network administrators should recognize.

We also used this update to address other major industry shifts, such as WLAN architecture changes. Distributed data forwarding is now standard fare for most products, fully distributed architectures are gaining traction, and remote access solutions (remote APs and remote WLAN branch solutions) have evolved too.

Security expectations are higher, BYOD has occurred, and exciting new standards are on the horizon. Perhaps the proper question to ask is “what hasn’t changed in the last three years?”

Both the CWNA exam and study guide have been updated to reflect these changes. PW0-105 will bring you up to speed or keep you up to speed.

Stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks for more details! It’s truly an exciting time to be in Wi-Fi!
In the meantime, here are some helpful links:
Order your Sybex Official CWNA PW0-105 Study Guide
Announcement on the forum — a good place to ask questions about PW0-105
For more information, contact us at: Twitter Facebook

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