Architecture Naming

Architecture Naming

By CWNP On 12/28/2007 - 45 Comments

There are two distinct types of architectures in today's WLAN infrastructures.  Each goes by several different names.  Today's WLAN newcomers can be easily confused by having several names for the same thing as well as trying to understand the nuance between each vendor's implementation.  I'd like to clarify some common terminolgy.

First, we need some plain old definitions:

Single Channel Architecture (SCA) – A WLAN architecture where uplink and downlink transmissions are coordinated by a WLAN Controller on a single 802.11 channel in such a manner that the effects of co-channel and adjacent channel interference are minimized.

Multiple Channel Architecture (MCA) – A WLAN architecture where three or more channels are used in a tiled pattern within a frequency band (2.4 or 5 GHz) for the purpose of minimizing co-channel and adjacent channel interference.   This is often referred to as “channel reuse” or “micro-cell” architecture.

Channel Stacking / Channel Spanning / Channel Blankets™– When a Single Channel Architecture (SCA) is used, WLANs may be co-located in the same physical area on different 802.11 channels for the purpose of high-density / high-capacity client deployments.  Scalability is accomplished through adding additional coordinated channels in the same physical space.

Virtual BSSID / Virtual Cell – When 2 or more access points coordinated by a WLAN Controller appear to be the same access point (have the same BSSID).

These names are some that we made up and some that we borrowed from vendor partners.  These definitions are our own and are likely missing some of the discriptive marketing language that you would expect from vendors trying to sell their warez.  They are not considered perfect, but are generally accepted as accurate.

There are currently only two manufacturers who make SCA equipment: Meru Networks and Extricom.  Both OEM to other vendors (e.g. Meru > Foundry and Extricom > Belden).  With SCA equipment, scalability comes as a result of stacking/spanning/blanketing multiple channels in the same physical area by using one or more APs rather than reusing channels in a tiling pattern like MCA does.  MCA is where the market has been for a number of years; deploying APs on different channels in a tile-like pattern to avoid as much co-channel and adjacent channel interference as possible.

"Which is better?" is an on-going industry debate that is often more volatile than discussing politics or religion.  

There are other architectures on the market, but these two are currently the most dominent.  Others include: Arrays (i.e. Xirrus), Cooperative Control (Aerohive), and Mesh (Firetide, Tropos, Strix, etc).  Some vendors support multiple architectures.  For example, Cisco, Aruba, Motorola, Colubris, Trapeze, and Bluesocket all support MCA and Mesh.  Meru supports SCA and Mesh.

More or less, there's an architecture for every occassion, but within the more dominent architectures (MCA and SCA), we thought it important to sort out some details.

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After five years, Real Madrid Bayern met again and the last few minutes of the match were still very exciting.Women Jersey The Champions League final was held at the Allianz Arena with the dream of returning home in the Champions League. Bayern took the lead in the 17th minute and Franck Ribery took the lead to score the second half. Kier helped Real Madrid to equalize, Gomez scored the final seconds of the game so that Allianz Arena 66,000 home fans into madness. Youth Jersey "This is a passionate game. Real Madrid has proved that he is a great team. At the last moment we can win 2-1 with a bit of luck. We can be proud of our victory," Custom Jersey said Rummenigge after the game.April 29, 2014: Semi-final second round - Real Madrid defeats Bayern for the first time0:1 loss to Real Madrid Bayern had a big mountain to cross at home.Nike Pas Cher Outlet "Everything will burn in Munich in Munich" This is a rhetoric released by Rummenigge before the game. However, the results are very different: 20 minutes later, Bayern has fallen behind 0:2, Ramos scored twice. Adidas shoe "We planned a lot but didn't notice the two most standard conditions," said Ram after the game. At the end of halftime, Ronaldo scored another goal and Crome took a second stoppage. Real Madrid expanded the winning streak and defeated the ten rivals of the Madrid City AFC Champions League in the final.April 12,Nike Air Force One 2017: First round of the quarter-finals - reversal of Real Madrid Allianz Arena
The two sides played against each other at the Allianz Arena and Real Madrid brought misfortune to Bayern.Nike Air Huarache However, Bayern's start is quite good: In the 25th minute, Bidar headed for Bayern to lead.Nike Air Jordan At the end of the half he was even expected to change the score to 2:0, but he missed the penalty. Bayern wasted the opportunity to pay the price of bearing.Nike Air Max Cristiano Ronaldo reached the score in the second half of the opening match. In the 61st minute, Martinez was sent off. In 77 minutes, NMD R1 shoe Crome opened twice and Real Madrid reversed Bayern. After Ram’s conclusion: “The match turned sharply after being equalized. Both yellow and red are the turning points of the game.”

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05/01/2018 at 04:12am
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That's a discussion not unlike religion and politics. Everyone has their preferences, but saying them in public may require that you dodge flying objects. :)

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In the early moments of atlanta braves jersers the interview, Le Batard asked Manfred whether he knew prior to the recent sale to the group oakland athletics jersers fronted by Bruce Sherman and Jeter whether the new owners planned to slash payroll. After some prodding (and Le Batard's saying that the commissioner was lying), Manfred answered, "We do not get involved in operating-level decisions in the ownership approval process."

"We did not have player-specific plans from the Miami Marlins or any other team that has been in the ownership miami marlins jersers process. Those are decisions that the individual owners make, and they do not have to be cleared by us or approved by us. ... Those are local decisions that really are not part of the approval process. Those are decisions that the individual owners make, and they do not have to be cleared with us or approved by us."

Manfred went on to say that he didn't receive a payroll plan from the Marlins until two days prior to his interview with Le Batard. More: "We don't get into, are you going to trade 'Player X' or 'Player Y' at a particular point in time, nor do we ask them to make a commitment to people before they even got in and made an evaluation of their talent level, their ability to win with the people that st. louis cardinals jersers they have. That's just not how the ownership process works."
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But some of that may not be true
Here's a key excerpt from a los angeles angels of anaheim jersers must-read Barry Jackson piece in the Miami Herald:

A source directly involved in the Marlins sales chicago white sox jersers process, after hearing the Le Batard cincinnati reds jersers interview, said, via text: "Commissioner said was not aware of [Jeter] plan to slash payroll. Absolutely not true. They request and receive the operating plan from all bidders.

"Project Wolverine [the name for Jeter's plan] called chicago white sox jersers on his group to reduce payroll to $85 million. This was vetted and approved by MLB prior to approval by MLB. Every [Jeter] investor and non investor has the Wolverine financial plan of slashing payroll to $85 million. Widely circulated."

First off, "Project Wolverine" is ludicrously self-important and sinister-sounding, as budget strategies go. That's the name of a secret NSA laboratory deep under the Caballo Mountains in New Mexico, not a financial schematic. Do better, Jeets. Anyhow, there's enough careful phrasing in Manfred's comments ("operating-level decisions," "'Player X' or 'Player Y'") to give him some plausible deniability. However, the idea that he didn't know about plans to engage in yet another demo job by Marlins owners strains credulity.

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In addition to hisLa Liga offense, there are also Sterling Shepard, near-fielder Irwin Ingram, and Eli Manning. Heaven! This is crazy! "These were followed by Deez and added:" If they takeLigue 1 away Sarkwan Barkley of Penn State in the draft, the offensive team is just as beautiful. "The ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny. If the Giants use BucketNFL Jerseys 2 to pick Buckley, their offensive team would be enough even if they didn't have Deez. The reason for signing him may be that the team needs red zone offensive NHL Jerseysweapons." This is why Deez didn't mention Brandon Marshall when he talked about the Giants offensive team. Last season, Marshall only played for the Giants in fiveNBA Jerseys games and then went on a free-fighting game. If the Giants really signed Dees, then Marshall had a lot. It may become a victim.
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01/15/2008 at 15:46pm
:-)) I agree, Devin - the debate over SCA or MCA can be fierce - and dangerous to one's self. I see benefits in both architectures, depending upon the application and environment. Meru has some pretty impressive success stories, as does Cisco and all the other MCA vendors.
What IS your personal opinion, please -

01/09/2008 at 22:08pm
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01/07/2008 at 20:41pm
That's a discussion not unlike religion and politics. Everyone has their preferences, but saying them in public may require that you dodge flying objects. :)

01/07/2008 at 20:28pm
Interesting, but based on your experience and personal opinion, which is better between SCA and MCA?


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