Failing the CWAP Exam (Guest Blog)

Failing the CWAP Exam (Guest Blog)

By Jamie Price On 03/25/2021

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A Big Fat Zero!

I was excited to write about passing the CWAP Exam and that you could, too. Except, I didn't pass the exam. I didn't fail my other CWAP exams up to this point. I knew the CWAP exam's reputation was that of a difficult exam. Therefore, I'm going back to the drawing board, and in order to pass the exam on my second attempt, I'm going to breakdown the learning material into bits-'n-pieces. I hope you find these nuggets useful. Let me know because I'm happy to share additional detail and any edits I make to this framework.

But you failed it—right?

Yeah—I did.

I thought I knew the frame categories well. I didn't. I thought I understood their use and where they logically fit. That was until I took the exam, and I realized I didn't know my frame types well. In fact, improving this one area is enough to pass the exam next time. Oh yes, next time is fast approaching!

Below is a logical breakdown for Management Frames, which perform connection management. I broke them down into sub-categories on Quizlet, a free self-service quizzing platform – think electronic notecards.


The Executive Summary:
Use the groupings to help assist you in destroying the frame category on your upcoming CWAP exam!
Anything with association or dropping association, MANAGEMENT.
Anything with Probe or Beacon, MANAGEMENT.
ATIM, Authentication or Action, MANAGEMENT.
Anything Data
Anything QoS
Almost everything with CF... except CF-End + CF + ACK
CONTROL FRAMES - all else.

Management has everything to do with BEACONS & PROBE:
Probe Request
Probe Response
Management has everything to do with ASSOCIATION:
Association Request
Association Response
Reassocation Request
Reassociation Response
Management- Everything to to join or drop the connection- hint: (Does it ADD Up?):
Management- The Odd Ones- I cannot group these, but they are management. You would say it's a hint they start with A, but Control Frames have one "A" member.
Announcement Traffic Indication Message (ATIM)
Action no Action

Control Frames- assists in delivery of traffic. They all seem like direction & control.
Clear to send (CTS)
Request to Send (RTS)
Acknowledgement (ACK)
Block ACK (BlockAck)
Block ACK Request (BlockAckReq)
PS-Poll (*Requests data with power save)
Control Wrapper
Control Frames- the odd ones:
CF-End + CF + ACK; odd because all other CF titled frames are Data
Frames, but not this one.

Collection of the data named data frames
Data + CF-ACK
Data + CF-Poll
Data + CF-ACK + CF-Poll
Data- The CF Data frame combining
CF-Poll (no MSDU)
CF-ACK + CF-Poll (no MSDU)
Data- Collection of the QoS:
QoS Data
QoS Null (no MSDU)
QoS Data + CF-ACK
QoS Data + CF-Poll
QoS Data + CF-ACK + CF-Poll
QoS CF-Poll (no MSDU)
QoS CF-ACK + CF-Poll (no MSDU)
Data- The Odd One:
Null Function (No MSDU)
*and I do find this one really odd because it's to control/manage power. So wouldn't that be control/management? No. It belongs to data, let it be with data.

The executive data restated:
Use the groupings to help assist your brain of the correct frame category.

Anything with association or dropping it, MANAGEMENT.
Anything with Probe or Beacon, MANAGEMENT.
ATIM, Authentication or Action, MANAGEMENT.
Anything Data
Anything QoS
Almost everything with CF... except CF-End + CF + ACK
& the odd one Null Function
CONTROL FRAMES - all else.

Clear as mud? Maybe. Exposure and experience are everything, this is just another tool, but I hope it helps you with your journey.

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