• Oscium,

    I have the app and I have to say it looks pretty good, I would be interested in trying the device also.

    If you can sort out your technical sales babble, plus get some good peer reviews, it may well be a perfet device for wifi pro's to make very quick tests. i would use one if it does what it says.

    The problem right now is the sales/technical info is just nonsense.

    You should not aim this to home users to troubleshoot their networks, I think your market is much more tech savvy users who need a very quick insight.

    If I spot something with my iphone I can then go and get the serious gear to investigate.

    That I think is your market, and if your website had technically correct specs and no snake-oil sales rubbish, you may find it gets taken more seriously.

    I mean it, I think it looks like a really good device, and if it really works then I would be very positive about it.


  • enesem - Thank you for your suggestion on how to better communicate our value proposition. We can refresh the content and our approach. Should have an answer for you by the end of this week on the technical questions. Really appreciate you taking the time to demo the app and give us a serious look.

  • Hey Gang - thanks for all your feedback. We're aware of the issue that Ben highlighted (which has been reiterated here on this forum). The good news is that it's fixable and we're working to make the adjustment within software. This software update is in process, and when complete, will be made available to all our current customers (through an app update). Once the app update has been completed, we will update the specs accordingly. Really appreciate all your insight and help along the way.

  • Now someone needs to develop some software for Android users, like this:

  • Many aspects of this product set off red flags... least of all the name.. Wi-Pry.. cashing in on Metageek, ya think!

    Personally, I would stay well away from this. Get yourself an Android and the forth-coming Chanalyzer.

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