Here We Go Again...

Here We Go Again...

By CWNP On 11/18/2008 - 10 Comments

Last week, I received calls from former SEs, channel managers, and more (previously with several WLAN companies) asking for help landing their 'next gig'.  You guessed it - layoffs.  I thought I'd snoop around for a little extra info when I stumbled across some links on Google mentioning various companies in the WLAN market that have laid people off recently.  This can't be good.


Ever seen a movie where mice are running from something en mass?  That's almost the mental picture I get when I think of how much job-hopping I'm seeing lately.  It's taking me an hour per week to keep my address book up-to-date.  Something you don't normally see is key personnel moving between competitors, but it's happening more than you would think.  People are looking for long-term stability, and they are quickly moving to companies where they believe they will have it.  It seems that if the least issue arises at their current employer, they're gone to what they hope is safer ground.  Sounds like early 2001 all over again - yikes.

------- Thinking out loud (start)--------

I just can't resist...  This whole scenario reminds me of some Queensryche (the best rock band in the history of the world) lyrics...

Time is fleeting now
they say.
Take time to look inside
and face ... the change.
Dig down deep
to find the man I thought I was.
A dog on the treadmill panting,
the master pulls the leash, laughing.
Now I can't remember why
I needed to run, needed to try so hard.

One more time around
is all I ask for now.
a star to steer by, wind to
take me home again.

Work hard in life boy,
there's paradise in the end.
Year after year we struggle to gain
the happiness our parents never claimed.
They told us all we had to do
was do what we're told, buy what was sold,
Invest in gold, and never get old.

------- Thinking out loud (end)--------

A good friend of mine said to me last week...and I quote, "I'd rather go live under a bridge and drink ripple for the rest of my life than to work for another manufacturer."  Now if that doesn't express frustration with the current economic situation, nothing does.  I laughed about that for 2 days... until I realized that he was serious. :D

I know this was a short, non-technical post, but sometimes you have to take your nose out of a book and look around.  I'd love to hear some feedback from others on this topic.

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