I'm Thankful for the 802.11 Protocol

I'm Thankful for the 802.11 Protocol

By CWNP On 11/20/2012 - 7 Comments

Today, I was thinking about the 802.11 protocol (no surprise there) and how it relates to Thanksgiving. I realized that Thanksgiving is a time when many of us who celebrate it reflect on the year behind us and appreciate the good things and maybe even some of the bad things that turned out better than we expected. So I began to think about all the good things we have because of the 802.11 protocol.

Here's my brief list and a shout out of thank you to those, like @MatthewSGast who work so hard to make the 802.11 standard good for us:
  • Thank you for giving us mobile devices that work even when cell towers fail us.
  • Thank you for giving us the ability to work from a laptop without a cable running to the wall.
  • Thank you for giving us voice and video quality connections so that we can talk to our loved ones this Thanksgiving.
  • Thank you for giving us mobile games that entertain us, but also educate us.
  • Thank you for giving us a consistent standard to ensure that devices work well together - and thanks to you too Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Thank you for giving us freedom (can you hear Mel Gibson?).
What are you thankful for in relation to the 802.11 standard?
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7 Responses to I'm Thankful for the 802.11 Protocol

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Rupnarine Ramdayal Says:
11/22/2012 at 15:04pm

I am very thankful for CWNP, to give me this wonderful opportunity on my successful journey in Wireless Engineering,  I climb my first huge step this week with CWTS, now my next step CWNA

A special "Thank You" for all the wonderful staff at CWNP for your endeavors

Sean Rynearson Says:
11/21/2012 at 11:10am

I am thankful of CWNP for helping me gain the knowledge and
become who I am today. I am also thankful l for all my predecessors that paved
the way in the 802.11 industry.  I hope
to give as much as they have to help others in the future.

Jeff Underhill Says:
11/21/2012 at 09:56am
I am thankful for the updates that made 802.11 secure, in 802.11i, so that we could take it very serious as an enterprise solution without depending on vendor-specific traps.

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