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Announcement: Transition from Pearson VUE to Prometric

We wish to inform you that, effective Thursday, August 1, 2024, the Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP) will transition our Certified Wireless Network Professionals Programs certification exams from Pearson VUE to Prometric. We will provide further details regarding the new testing arrangements and providers soon. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this transition period.
For inquiries, call 866.438.2963 or email support@cwnp.com.

Pearson VUE 

CWNP exams (with the exception of CWS and CWT) are available for in-person proctoring or online proctoring at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide.  To schedule an exam or find a testing center near you, please visit the CWNP Pearson VUE website to create an account.


Both CWS and CWT exams are hosted through our LMS platform available through your CWNP account. These exams can be taken at any time and must be completed in one single sitting. Once the CWS or CWT exam voucher is purchased, log in to your CWNP account and visit My Account>CWNP Learning Center to access your exam.

Exam Updates

CWNP certification exams are updated every three years. Be sure that you are using exam guides and study materials for the most current, updated version of the CWNP exam you wish to study for.

Future updates tentatively scheduled for our certification exams are the following:

  • July 2021: CWS-101 and CWT-101
  • September 2021: CWAP-404, CWDP-304, and the initial release of CWIDP-401
  • January 2023: CWSP-207 and CWISA-102 (CWSP-206 and CWISA-101 retiring June 30, 2023)
  • September 2023:  CWNA-109, CWICP-202, and CWIIP-302 (CWNA-108, CWICP-201, and CWIIP-301 retiring December 31, 2023)
  • July 2024: CWS-102 and CWT-102 (CWS-101 and CWT-101 retiring September 30, 2024)
  • September 2024: CWAP-405. CWDP-305, and CWIDP-402 (CWAP-404. CWDP-304, and CWIDP-401 retiring December 31, 2024)
  • September 2025: CWSP-208 and CWISA-103 (CWSP-207 and CWISA-102 retiring December 31, 2025)
  • September 2026:  CWNA-110, CWICP-103, and CWIIP-303 (CWNA-109, CWICP-102, and CWIIP-302 retiring December 31, 2025)


Questions: Send us an email or call 866.438.2963.

Success Stories

I literally just came out of the testing centre having taken the CWDP exam. The certification process opened my mind to different techniques and solutions. This knowledge can only broaden your perspective. Great job, CWNP, you have a great thing going on here.

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Working through the CWNP coursework and certifications helped not only to deepen my technical knowledge and understanding, but also it boosted my confidence. The hard work it took to earn my CWNE has been rewarding in so many ways.

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I want to commend you and all at CWNP for having a great organization. You really 'raise the bar' on knowing Wi-Fi well. I have learned a ton of information that is helping my job experience and personal career goals, because of my CWAP/CWDP/CWSP studies. Kudos to all at CWNP.

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