No TKIP or No Certification

No TKIP or No Certification

By CWNP On 08/25/2009 - 14 Comments

OK, so here's the thing.  The Wi-Fi Alliance's board approved, on March 26, 2009, additional testing to disallow the use of TKIP with HT MCS rates.  Tests were started the next day, and by Sept 1, 2009, all devices must comply.  Big whoop, right?  Well, not with the fact that 18 of 18 APs and 10 of 14 STAs have failed to date.  I wonder how the Wi-Fi Alliance is going to handle that?  Do they suddenly decertify equipment?  Do they extend the deadline?  Do they re-evaluate their decision to make this "feature" mandatory?

You know, that's a big enough bump in the road, but I'm even more excited to see a new 802.11n certification aimed at the ratified amendment.  Not being a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance myself, I have to wait to find out what's going on just like you.  Of course, I have a friend or two here and there that keep me up-to-date on happenings like this one. :-)  

Just in case you're not familiar, you can follow the updates to the 802.11n amendments here.

You know, I think the 802.11 standard, with its myriad amendments, is growing out of control.  Check this out:

802.11-2007 standard - 1232 pages
802.11n, draft 11 - 560 pages
802.11p, draft 7- 42 pages
802.11s, draft 3 - 239 pages
802.11w, draft 11 - 114 pages
802.11u, draft 7 - 197 pages
802.11z, draft 3 - 48 pages
802.11v, draft 6 - 364 pages

Is that all?  Heck no.  That's 2796 pages and still growing rapidly.  In contrast, 802.3-2005 (Ethernet) is currently 2696 pages.  It didn't take long for 802.11 to blow right by 802.3, eh?  Imagine how large this thing will be 5 years from now.  I guess that means I better get busy reading all of those new drafts.  Joy unspeakable.

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