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WLAN News Desk - March 30, 2018

JTA process and development of objectives, exams and learning materials.

WLAN News Desk - March 23, 2018

WBA Wi-Fi implementation guidelines, Can't do great Wi-Fi? Give great service.

WLAN News Desk - March 16, 2018

802.11mc? it's really 802.11 TGmc and is equal to 802.11-2016 today.

WLAN News Desk - March 9, 2018

WLAN Market, Next Week's Webinar, and Wi-Fi Trek registration site announcement.

WLAN News Desk - March 2, 2018

Wi-Fi Trek dates and locations, ghost frames (CCI), and 802.11ax update.

WLAN News Desk - February 23, 2018

Thanks to all the WLPC folks, Meraki announces the new MV12 802.11ac video camera, WPA2 updated to test for KRACk and WPA3 is coming.

WLAN News Desk - February 16, 2018

Whole-home Wi-Fi, 802.11ax is already on the agenda, the Wi-Fi connected grill.

WLAN News Desk - February 9, 2018

In the news this week: Trackside Wi-Fi and RF Filtering.

WLAN News Desk - February 2, 2018

In the news this week: 5G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is 20 Years Old.

WLAN News Desk - January 26, 2018

This week, 802.11ax hardware announced and better in-home Wi-Fi.

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