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WLAN News Desk - May 25, 2018

Making a success of your WLAN career - Part 2: Self-Management Abilities

WLAN News Desk - May 18, 2018

Making a success of your WLAN career - Part 1: Relational Abilities

WLAN News Desk - May 11, 2018

The importance of Wi-Fi training in the WLAN market.

WLAN News Desk - May 4, 2018

In this news desk, Tom talks about 802.11aj and the downward trend in mobile phone Wi-Fi usage seen by many network providers.

WLAN News Desk - April 27, 2018

Wi-Fi Aware certification and Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) specifications by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

WLAN News Desk - April 20, 2018

Wi-Fi security and the most overlooked area of need.

WLAN News Desk - April 13, 2018

mGig uplinks from 802.11ac APs

WLAN News Desk - April 6, 2018

CWDP and CWAP update (CWDP-303 and CWAP-403) and a brief mention of NYC light pole Wi-Fi projects among others.

WLAN News Desk - March 30, 2018

JTA process and development of objectives, exams and learning materials.

WLAN News Desk - March 23, 2018

WBA Wi-Fi implementation guidelines, Can't do great Wi-Fi? Give great service.

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