Wi-Fi Question of the Day (QOTD)

Given: ABC Company, an industrial bakery, hired XYZ Company to perform a site survey and to install a VoWiFi system. After XYZ Company finished the site survey and installation, the VoWiFi system did not work as planned and XYZ Company was relieved of their duties.

Since the VoWiFi system is considered mission critical, ABC Company hired your firm, LMNOP Systems, to troubleshoot the VoWiFi installation and redesign the network, if necessary. After information gathering with the network manager, performing a site survey, and assessing the deployment, you find out that the problems occur primarily in a large maintenance area containing HVAC ducting and a steel superstructure. All ceiling and wall surfaces are also metal. The previous vendor achieved an RSSI of at least -55 dBm throughout the service area, well within the specification required for a VoWiFi installation, which you have confirmed.

What else can be done to get the phones to work in this environment?

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